Thursday, May 13, 2010


My youngest children have always enjoyed their nifty knitters and have been content to make hats and knitted scarves with them. I learned to crochet when I was young, but I could never get the hang of knitting. They say, if you pick up one, you will have trouble with the other, and this rang true for me. So, to me, these nifty knitters were amazing! I love the fact that so many children to young adults are using nifty knitters to construct these beautiful little preemie hats for Lydias Hope. These devices make it so easy to do that even very young children are able to participate in this venture, and do beautiful work. Still, I have always noticed there are several preemie hats that are knitted the old fashioned way-on knitting needles. I would admire that beautiful work and remember my days of fruitless efforts trying to learn how. Thank God for nifty knitters!
This year, my children are in a 4-H club and part of our agreement in the club is you teach a class and you take as many classes as you wish. (a homeschool mom's dream club!) I put my two youngest daughters in a knitting class. The bonus of this class is that I go with the girls and learn along with them so I can help them in their work if they have any trouble. This has proved to be a clear case of 'the blind leading the blind", but we have always had you-tube videos to turn to in moments of being completely confused. I have to say after attending knitting classes I have an even greater appreciation of the art. As I have learned what the stitches are, and how many rows to knit or pearl, and how to create the patterns in a series of knit and pearl stitches, and getting lost in my count several times...I admire the time and efforts of our knitters tremendously. I have tried out the pattern on this website for the preemie hat, and the pattern is a good one. It's easy enough for beginning knitters like us, and can be changed with different and more complicated stitch patterns.
Thank you to all the knitters who contribute to Lydia's Hope. You have all done beautiful work.
Thank you to all of you who are doing my favorite pastime-making quilts. I know some of you are making your first quilts and blankets for these babies and I smile at your efforts that are works of beauty. For those of you who caught the quilt bug, I really, really understand the pull of taking tiny pieces of fabric and sewing them together to form beautiful patterns. I wish I had some feedback from the recipients or their families, but I don't. I just know one receptionist at the desk always goes through the quilts and admires each one before they go to the nicu. Last month, a nurse from the nicu was called down to get the box of quilts and hats from me and she thanked me (well, all of us) over and over. I am condensing a verse for all of you that I feel applies to those of you who have or are in the process of contributing. What beautiful hearts you have!
Phil. 2:3 ...let each of you regard one another as more important than yourself...Have this attitude in yourself which was also in Christ Jesus.
Thank you for demonstrating this verse in regard to the preemies.

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  1. My third daughter, Ella, was born at Shawnee Mission Medical Center at 10:18 on April 9, 2011. Shortly after her birth one of her lungs collapsed and she had to spend the next few days in the nicu. It was one of the scariest things I have ever been through. I felt so lost and helpless. Thankfully we were able to come home yesterday, and Ella is doing great.
    On the first day there, one of the nurses brought over this tiny, beautifully knitted hat for my daughter to wear and she told me about the volunteers that make these hats for all the nicu babies. I was moved to tears. Thank you so much for this random act of kindness that you are performing. It truly meant more to me than I can say. It lifted my spirits during one of my darkest times and I will cherish it forever. I am determined to learn how to sew and knit so that I can give back a little of the hope and love that was given to me. Thank you all so much!